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The Rammer Paclite TR800D offers maximum product performance and durability, to ensure convenience and standardize your system using fuel. It’s a good compromise between ease of use and operation. The TR800D is the heaviest of rammers, is exceptionally reliable and…

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The TR740 has a robust design to suit all uses. It is suitable for use in stony ground or when prompted for compaction in confined areas, in trenches or road cuts. -Features And Benefits Motor protection with reinforcing frame. It…

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CRX60 / CRX68

The exceptional features of the PACLITE four-stroke CRX 60 and CRX 68 rammers are their compact design, low weight and high efficiency. The high and  powerful  percussion  rate  and  their  fast  speed  of  movement provides excellent results. The four-stroke gasoline…

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