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PX 91

The vibrating plate N ° 1 in the world for work in the trenches. The vibrating plate PX91 allows a uniform compaction thanks to its circular base. Ideal for working close to poles, posts, guard rails, wells, drainage and foundations.…

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The heavy Vibrating Plate benzin or diesel The plates PACLITE PC100 offer excellent performance and, thanks to its compact design, allow you to work in confined spaces or trenches and land of all kinds. Ideal for machining of sidewalks, near…

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PC60 is the perfect plate for asphalt surfaces PACLITE PC60, with a steel base plate is hard, strong and flexible, offering high performance and wear resistance. The base plate design, study of the computer, has rounded edges to operate on…

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The lightest of the PACLITE category Made to adjust confined areas, the LCC40 is ideal for curbs, gutters, compaction near walls, tanks, columns, foundations, drainage materials, repairs of pipelines and sewer systems and aqueducts. -Features And Benefits Special shape to…

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The IMPACT 230 is a vibrating plate with reversibility, which guarantees excellent compaction. Speed and degree of compaction are adjusted by a servo hydraulic control, which acts on an eccentric element. This gives a movement to the vibrating plate and…

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