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HA 90 C-2B


The Pavers Sumitomo were made with high quality and designed using the concept of 3 main points follows:

  • Human Friendly
  • Eco Friendly
  • Repair Friendly

All this leads to high performance ease of use, saving of costs and time.

The high power combined with the fuel economy can be attributed to the combination of the ISUZU engine and SUMITOMO cutting-edge technology that generate high working efficiency and reduction of energy loss.

The engine is equipped with anti-particulate filter (DPD) with a labyrinth system and combustion system to burn the PM content in exhaust gas. The accumulation PM can be monitored by the DPD status gauge, the Auto regeneration of the filter takes place automatically at regular intervals.

The screed J-Paver installed in the machine reduces drastically the working time and costs; hydraulic extensions allow to pave until 7.5m without installing mechanical extension, reducing the working time to prepare the machines before paving.

The machine can be equipped with 2 different screeds types:

  • J-Paver 2360 pave with from 2.3 m to 6 m fully hydraulic
  • J-Paver 2875 pave with from 2.8 m to 7.5m fully hydraulic

The screeds can be equipped with 2 types of heating, ELECTRIC with generator incorporated in the machines and heating control directly from the display, or LPG with a forced air system that creates a flow of hot air, which doesn’t damage the frame, flame control system, to prevent any gas outputs, and 3 separate channels system to stop the burner reaches at the set temperature.

The machine is equipped as standard with the hydraulic crown system operated with a switch that allows to vary the crown from -1 ° to + 3 °; It is also equipped with a hydraulic height adjustment extension fully hydraulic, which saves time and effort always having a perfect surface with no height differences between the central and extensions screed.

The screed is provided with a dual vibration system formed by a rotary vibrating and a tamper system; to increase the compaction and reduce the noise, the tamper is preceded by an innovative system consisting of a front parts called Stike-Off; this give a regular flow of the conglomerate and allows a pre-compaction. With this system, there is a tamper usury reduction, because it doesn’t receive frontally the material, but only in the lower part, we can also reduce the tamper rotation speed means decreasing the oil flow and thereby reducing temperature and wear of the hydraulic oil.

The augers are hydraulically adjustable with two hydraulic cylinders; you can also install the additional augers simply by loosening a holder bolt and pulling the auger from the coupling shaft.

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