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Message of President Yoshitaka Otsuki

A specializing manufacturer of small road building and maintenance equipment since established. Our enthusiasm has committed to the ROADS in pursuing the rehabilitation techniques for pavement repair and maintenances made us to gain a warm support from many users in the industrial fields and road concerned public organizations. Nowadays, with the diversifying role of roads that not merely for the traffic demand but its significant sources of creating comfortable living circumstance and town spaces amenity, the public need to the road rehabilitation equipment becomes more significant and sophisticated. Our goal is based on the past achievement and accumulated know-how in proven high engineering techniques, further to devote for marketing of the excellent future oriented products both in function and maneuverability. To be one of your best partners and continue to serve for you and your societies HANTA looks forward to receive a warm support and kindest attention from all of you.

President Yoshitaka Otsuki


In April 1868, an Englishman Mr. E. H. Hunter came to Japan and founded“HUNTER & Co.” in Kobe, that engaged in importing and then local assembling of “ Hanta Road Roller ”(Thereafter became Hanta Co., Ltd.) which gained a fame for a pioneering road roller in Japan from beginning of 1900s to end the World WarⅡ. Hanta Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in February 1955 succeeded to the machinery department of Hanta Co., Ltd., and resumed assembling of Road Roller, and also begun manufacturing of cement concrete paving equipment, and after that switched over to manufacturing of asphalt paving equipment such as asphalt sprayers and asphalt distributors. At that time there has been an increase of road pavement construction and to meet the demands timely, Hanta put an effort for the development of series of other related product line. Oil crisis hit in 1973 has caused a drastic change in the situation. However Hanta has succeeded in development of mini-asphalt pavers, and won a good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. Hanta boasted a good export result of mini pavers delivered to the West Germany.

In 1982, Hanta succeeded to deliver a large quantity of asphalt distributors to Iraq, and since then many Hanta asphalt distributors have been exported to various regions in the world such as Middle east, South east Asia, North Africa and South America. Soon after Hanta has added deicing chemical agent spreaders, road surface milling machines and pavement surface recycling units to their product line as promising road maintenance equipment. Furthermore, it succeeded in those products series production to provide a substantial strength for readiness to cope with a wide variety of customer’s demands in the road maintenance and rehabilitation fields.


  • February 1955: Head office established in Togano-machi, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • 1955: Starts manufacturing of ROAD ROLLER & Cement Concrete equipment and launches wheel mounted engine asphalt sprayers
  • 1958: Launches the mechanized spreading chip (aggregate) spreader
  • 1959: Launches the first towed type asphalt finisher in Japan
  • 1960: Launches high speed uniform application distributor
  • 1964: Launches cold asphalt plant responding to Road Administration
  • 1965: Joint develops deicing chemical agent spreader with MOCJune
  • 1966 The manufacturing plant erected in Takeshima Nishi-yodogawa- ku, Osaka
  • April 1968: Tokyo branch office opened in Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 1970:Predict interest on community roads launches Mini Pavers
  • February 1973: Head office moved to the premise of Takeshima plant, Takeshima, Nishi yodogawa-ku, Osaka
  • January 1978 Opened Fukuoka branch office in Fukuoka city
  • 1979: Launches Mini Road Planer with small asphalt surface heater after that Mini cold asphalt planer
  • 1981: 180 units of asphalt distributors delivered to Iraq
  • 1982: Launches asphalt surface heating vehicle
  • 1983: Launches road surface recycling unit and starts series production
  • 1984 : Launches asphalt debris loader in conjunction with assembling of road planer
  • June 1984: Tokyo branch moved to Misono, Itabashi-ku Tokyo and built warehouse
  • 1985: Launches road surface recycling unit “REMIXER”
  • 1986 : Launches medium sized road planer
  • April 1986: Erected Utajima no. 1 plant in Mitejima Nishi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka
  • October 1987: Erected Utajima no. 2 plant in Mitejima Nishi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka
  • 1987: Launches ultra large deicing chemical agent spreader for air port use
  • October 1988: Purchased the building for head office in Mitejima, Nishi yodogawa-ku, Osaka
  • May 1989: Sales & Administration divisions moved to new head office building
  • March 1990: Opened Niigata sales office in Abumi 1-chome, Niigata city
  • May 1991 Purchased the warehouse and established “Parts center” adjacent to head office
  • May 1991 Purchased the land and erected Takeshima no. 2 plant in Takeshima Nishi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka
  • 1992: Launches ultra mini finisher model F14C
  • 1993: Launches ultimate mini finisher model F31CD
  • 1995: Launches airport ground service vehicles, Lavatory-Car & Water Service-Car
  • 1995: Launches three stage extendable screed finisher model F1740C
  • July 1996: Opened Sendai , Sapporo and Chubu sales offices
  • 1998 : Launches ultra mini asphalt planer CRP-35
  • 2000: Purchased the land and erected” Takeshima no. 3 plant in Takeshima
  • 2000: Launches air pressured type asphalt distributor
  • 2001: Launches 4.5M width asphalt finisher
  • August 2001: Fukuoka branch moved to near the Fukuoka Air Port
  • 2002: Launches cement concrete stacker FS-150
  • 2003: Launches foamed asphalt stabilizer KS-200
  • 2004: Opened Chugoku Branch in Hiroshima city
  • 2004: Fukuoka Branch moved to Kukomae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city
  • 2005: Launches spray chipper HCP-41W
  • 2006: Launches asphalt finisher F2045W2
  • 2009: Launches stabilizer spreader HCL60
  • 2009: Launches asphalt finisher F45W3
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