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1989      O.M.S. (standing for Officina Macchine Stradali – Road Machinery Workshop) one of the first promoter of pavers as machine to build roads,  is born from the many years experience with pavers, with brands like Barber Greene, Blaw Knox, Allat. Its initial location was a little workshop with a yard in via Martorelli, Dairago.

From the beginning, O.M.S. is a trustworthy and professional partner  to building ad asphalt companies, with a good cooperation with the well known brand Bitelli.

1991    Opening new warehouse in Arconate. New building included 600 square meters workshop and a small courtyard.

1995        New partnership with Dulevo, big producer and leader of road and industrial sweepers . In these years, O.M.S. starts a collaboration with Paolo Canziani Enterprise, main importer of Ammann rollers in Italy.

1999     During this years, due to significant efforts, a new workshop is opened, in Arconate, via Guido Rossa, 16, the current location of the company. The structure is made of 1000 square meters of covered building, with 600 composing  the workshop, equipped with a crane and an assistance pit (so to work on the lower parts of machines), the other 400 meters for products storage and machines. Technical and commercial offices complete the structure, together with a room for meetings. The outer part (1000 m q) allows to stock many repaired machines or those having to be recovered.

2000  O.M.S. stops cooperation with Bitelli as a new road is opened, a teamwork with brand ABG, which will led it to be a leader during the next 10 years in construction and road development field. ABGentrusts O.M.S. with assistance on the whole Italian market. Thanks to its efficient support and to the quality of the represented machine, O.M.S. can create a vast machines fleet with satisfied customers.

2001    New cooperation with MARINI and BOMAG.

2008      New partership with Volvo CE, which has purchased ABG product and brand.

2009    Closed cooperation with Volvo, but still continue to assist our ABG customers with spare parts OEM and Aftermarket

2010      From 3 OMS founding members, FRANTO SERVICE was born; this company followed crushing and screeninng machines. Franto Service has been also the first contact with SUMITOMO and YTD; this contact brought us to the first Wheeled paver project with Sumitomo for European market.

2012       On November  Sumitomo with OMS started the tests on the first HA60W-8CE prototype .

2013   Starting selling activity in Italy of Sumitomo products thanks to YTD and SUMITOMOsupport. FrantoService stops his activity and leave to OMS all the business. OMS starts lunching also closer and closer cooperation with YTD as technical and training support for Europeanmarket. In this year OMS also started his activity of service and spare parts business abroad for all road machinery brands.

2014    Thanks to the big efforts and to the cooperation OMS-YTD-SCM, O.M.S. proposes us successfully as technical support and training for all dealer and customer in Europe. We started, before, some travels in Japan for technical training, and after in Europe for demonstrating machine, service and technical support to YTD, for realize an better sales and aftersales activity.

2015       It is a change year for O.M.S. commercial strategy. Become not only to service point but also to sell the Pavers products: it borns SUMITOMO ITALY. Starting also cooperation with the light compaction equipment brand PACLITE.

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