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Assistance is the core of O.M.S.  services, offering a prompt and skilled performance.

Customers can rely on a covered structure of more than 1000 square meters, with a countless number of equipped areas.

Here some examples:

  • test benches for engines, fuel injection equipment and power generators;
  • welding areas. It is also possible to realize basic welds and welds with special electrodes which can weld even in presence of oils.
  • Surface for screeds pavers overhauling;
  • Working pit for control and intervention on machines lower parts;
  • Place for mechanical activities, set up with cutter, pillar drills, lathe and press;
  • Area for rebuilding of hydraulic hoses;
  • Oil storage area (new oil deposit and collection of exhausted oil, batteries and used filter elements).

Besides the usual workshop tools, O.M.S. owns many special equipments needed to properly carry out ordinary and extraordinary machine maintenance.

Thanks to its long experience, O.M.S. can assist new and old machines, it can also count on technical documents stored in its servers (for the newest machines) and on manuals in office for the oldest machinery .

As last, but not the least, the warehouse has got a crane of 100 tons as a useful help during loading and unloading operations.

Intervention on road machines also means going out on customer’s jobsite, so to assist him during his work, that is why O.M.S. possesses a fleet of four well -equipped vans, for every kind of requirements on jobsites.

O.M.S. technicians are specialized and updated. They regularly attend  refresher courses.

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