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Nord Asfalt in Norway

Varese by night

Jobsite in Italy, Varzo

Jobsite in Belgium, Charleroi

First demonstration in Spain

New HANTA F14CE delivered in Bavaria

Jobsite in Italy close to Treviglio

First demonstration in Norway

Norway close to Sweden border

Jobsite in Italy Val Passeria

First demonstration in Norway


Demonstration in Asti Italy


Delivered the first Sumitomo HA60C-8 in Portugal

Vogele 1203 reconditioned and repaint

DK Square

Square in Denmark with HA90C-2B

Foligno Cordolatrice

Curb machine at Foligno in the HA60W-8

18m di Sumitomo

18m of Sumitomo in OMS


Implenia consegna

Delivery Implenia            HA60W-8

Piacenza by Night

Piacenza by Night


The first HA90C in Europe

finlandia Lemminkainen

Demonstration in Finland

prova Brema

Demo HA60C-8 Bremen

Carpi Emiliana

Demo in Carpi Italy         HA60W-8

Cambio motore

Change engine HA60W-8


HA60C-7 Repaint and delivery to Granchi Group


HA90C-2B Denmark


HA90C-2B dealer ASBUD

Rotterdam YTD

Rotterdam YTD warehouse

ballast Guidi

Pave Ballast in high       speed line

NCC sw

Demonstration in Sweden HA60W-8


S. Giuliano Milanese Italy

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