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The Sumitomo Group is said to be the world’s oldest business  conglomerate, with a history extending for more than 400 years.

17th century: Sumitomo opened its first shop that handles books and medicines in Kyoto. Started copper refining in Osaka.

1691:Started copper mining business.

19th century:Launch new businesses in the related area such as Machinery, Carbon, Chemical, Construction, Steel, Forestry, etc.  Started financial business such as Banking, Commerce, Real Estate, Warehouse, Insurance etc.

1958 Started “HA35” production in Niihama Works.

1962  Changed production to Nagoya Works.

1985 Started OEM from HANTA. (Mini-pavers)

1986 Started “HA45W/4WD” sales. Got top share in Japan.

1999 Started “JPAVER series” sales.

2001 Changed production to Chiba Works.

2002 Takeover the road machine business from ”Niigata Engineering  Co.,Ltd“.

2006 Started sales in China.

2009 Started sales in EU. Started “HA90C”sales.

2014  Introduction new -8 model in the EU market






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